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                                          (anything sent to the old email will not be received or answered)


DANCE FESTIVAL 2020 has been provisionally rescheduled and will now take place

from Saturday 24th to Saturday 31st October 2020 (incl)    (this is not an All England qualifier)         

South West of England Championships:  Saturday 31st October 2020


(closing date for transfers 25th July 2020) 



CHAMPIONSHIP LIST  so far, we still have qualifying classes to go.


The following performers have been chosen by the adjudicator to dance in the Championships on Saturday. 


Junior Ballet

Amara Impey

Molly Yates


Olivia Painter

Katie Pugh


Esme Braben






Senior Ballet

Charlotte Norman

Emily Russell


Alice Dunn



Toby Menchaca-Hurley






Junior Modern

Ava Biggs (lyrical)

Amara Impey (modern)


Katie Pugh (lyrical)

Ella-Jaie Cox (modern)


Mia Doherty (lyrical)

Gracie-Jai Durbidge (modern)


Molly Yates (lyrical)






Senior Modern

Charlotte Norman



Emily Russell



Toby Menchaca-Hurley









Junior Tap

Mackenzie Alexander

Olivia Partridge


Amber Ryder

Maisie Oram


Faith Guntrip






Senior Tap

Charlotte Norman

Ellie Doherty


Toby Menchaca-Hurley



Kelis Rabley






Junior Song & Dance

Annie Robens

Lea Richford


Mia Doherty



Savannah Birkett






Senior Song & Dance

Ella Jeavons



Toby Menchaca-Hurley



Charity Stevens





* the adjudicator has chosen the modern solos she would like to see  i.e modern or lyrical.



The Dance committee and staff at the Palace Theatre have done our job to keep you all safe and well and now it's up to you.

If you or your child are showing any covid symptoms or you have been in contact with anyone testing positive which means you should be shielding at home


PLEASE NOTE -  the new ‘rule of six’ does not apply to a whole range of organised activities, including those taking place in theatres.  The theatre and the festival have organised our event so that it is entirely compliant with the Government’s Covid-19 guidelines and regulations, therefore the dance festival will hopefully still go ahead with all of these new rules in place. We are seriously keeping an eye on local and national progress of the virus, so please be prepared for us to cancel at the last minute.


                     *** PLEASE SCROLL TO THE BOTTOM OF THE PAGE. ***

This is the final timetable and there will now be no more alterations or moving of classes (only cancellations). Anyone appearing at the festival who is not in this programme or in that particular section, thinking they can change sections or dance, will not be permitted. We have a license for the children in this programme only and the law prevents anyone else dancing.

As you are all aware this will not be a festival as we know it, and there will be a strict list of rules and regulations set out by us and the theatre. To take part you must agree to adhere to these rules as they are there for the safety and wellbeing of everyone involved.  THESE NEW COVID RULES ARE ACCESSIBLE AS A PDF ATTACHMENT  AT THE BOTTOM OF THE PAGE.

COSTUMES - We would like to remind all parents and performers that costumes will not be permitted for this Festival. A simple leotard should be worn and may only be changed during the lunch or tea break. If a modern costume is a simple leotard/catsuit without any extra decoration, this may be worn, but only if it can remain on for all dances in that session. The changing area is for changing shoes only. The committee reserve the right to disqualify any performer changing too often or wearing a costume. (Please see covid rules for dress suggestions)  

The Palace theatre risk assessment is available as a PDF to read below. 

The list of performers (as of 19/10/20) are listed in a PDF below  

At present he committee holds a list of trio, quartet and improvisation entries from those who have had their solos transferred and we are happy to add the duets to it and either refund the fees or hold them over until next year, taking that fee off your total for 2021.

Please keep your eye on this website, as from now on details will be updates regularly.

(NOT ALL important information will be on our facebook page so please do not rely on that) 




Chairman: Miss Karen Collings 


Entries Secretary:   Mrs Georgie Pole                 

                                  14, Dunstone Park Road,

                                  Paignton. TQ3 3NG

                                  Tel: 01803 555805                          





Trophy Secretary:    Mrs Sarah Smith 

                                   13, Knapp Park Road,

                                   Paignton. TQ4 7LA

                                   Tel: 01803 528278       




Dance Committee:  Mrs Kathryn Bestwick, Mr Ken Dowell, Mrs Rosemary Dowell, Mr Russell Hulme, Mrs Vanessa Martin, Mrs Wendy Penning, Mrs Karen Walker, Miss Alison Witherley.



Entry forms are signed and deemed to be an acceptance of these rules

 1. This Festival is for amateurs, except for the Open Classes. An amateur is someone who does not derive his/her livelihood from the branch of performance defined by the class title, in which he/she seeks to enter the Festival. In any ensemble all members must adhere to this principle. This rule does not apply to Conductors and/or accompanists.

2. This Festival is open to all-comers in the age ranges stated who conform to the definition of amateur status given above. If entries are oversubscribed priority will be given to the entries from the Devon area. Dance entries will be taken on a first come first served basis.

3. The committee reserves the right to refuse entry, and disqualify any performer who does not abide by the rules of the Festival.

4. All entries must be on an official entry form, which must be signed as indicated and all parts of the form must be completed. Late entries may incur a late fee/admin charge and may not be accepted.

5. Age is to be taken at 1st SEPTEMBER 2019 for Dance and 1st MARCH 2020 for Music and Speech and Drama

6. Entry fees are non-refundable.  Any cheques returned by our bankers will incur an administration fee.

7. The committee reserves the right to limit, cancel, split or combine any class(es).

8. The Festival is bound by copyright law and cannot allow photography, audio or video recordings of any kind (including mobile phones), all of which are absolutely forbidden. However, performers must be prepared to appear before the cameras of the media and/or agents of the Festival. All electronic equipment (mobile phones etc.) must be switched off in the auditorium.

9. The Festival committee cannot accept any responsibility for property left at the venue during the Festival.

10. The adjudicator’s decision will be regarded as final.

11. No performer, teacher or interested party may discuss any aspect of the Festival with an adjudicator before, during or after classes, except at the invitation of the adjudicator.

12. CERTIFICATES will be awarded as follows:     (Please let the committee know if you do not wish to have

Certificate of Performance : 

75 - 77  A  performance limited in its communication.

78 - 80  A  performance showing development of technique and/or communication. 

Merit :   81- 83   A capable performance showing some artistic appreciation and/or technical ability. 

Commended :   84 - 86  A  convincing performance technically and artistically. 

Distinction :   87- 89   An excellent performance technically and artistically.

Outstanding :   90+   An exceptional performance both technically and artistically. 

13. All trophies remain the property of the Torbay and S.W. England Festival. They must be returned in a clean condition to the Trophy Secretary/address provided by the closing date. Winners are responsible for all trophies whilst in their care and will be required to make good any damage or loss. We reserve the right to withhold future trophies if this rule is contravened.

14. The decision of the committee in all matters arising out of, or not specifically covered in these rules and regulations is final.

15. Any complaints must be made in writing and sent/emailed to the relevant section Secretary within one week of the close of the Festival and if written, be accompanied by a stamped addressed envelope.

Supplementary Rules for Dance.

D1   The Festival does not accept liability for the infringements of copyright, recording or performing rights arising out of an entrants accompaniment or performance. It contributes to a group Licence to cover payment of fees for the use of recorded music at its events. Teachers and choreographers using music created from commercial recordings are advised that they are themselves responsible for seeking permission to re-record from the Recording Companies concerned.

D2   No competitor may present more than one dance in any solo class but may appear twice in one class in duet, trio and up to 3 times in different genre group classes.

D3  Competitors may only enter solo dances in their own age group and open classes.

D4   Pointe work is not allowed in any section under 13 years or in any Novice Class.  

D5   A competitor may not perform a dance more than once during the course of the Festival with the exception of  performances in the Championships. A competitor may repeat a winning dance for a maximum of three years.

D6  The following time limits are the maximum allowed and must be observed.   All dances will be timed.   Marks will be deducted if timings are exceeded.        

**  For song & dance/ musical theatre classes an extra ½ minute is allowed.

Solos 10 yrs & under 

1.5  mins

Solos 11yrs & over

2 mins   **

Solos Open

2 mins   **

All Novice Classes

1.5 mins

Mime Solos (see syllabus)

2.5  - 3 mins 


2.5 mins   **

Trios / Quartets 

2.5 mins   **


4 mins   **

Championship Solos

1.5 / 2 mins  **

D7  Dancing out of Class can only take place before the allotted class time (not after the class has taken place) and will only be allowed at the discretion of the Committee and Adjudicator, if time is available.  Any competitor who cannot dance at a specified time must apply with a valid reason to the Committee, and if agreed, a convenient time will be found for them to dance. Dancing out of section will result in a report sheet only. No trophy will be awarded (for a 1st place), however a medal for a placing maybe given and a championship place maybe awarded both at the discretion of the adjudicator.

NB in an All England year a qualifying mark may be awarded.

D8  Alterations to the programme will only be accepted prior to the commencement of the festival. No scheduling requests will be considered from individuals...only from Teachers for Groups. The closing date for alterations will be advised with the dance schedule.  (October 2020 - Please try to inform us of any programme alterations ASAP  (

D9  Where a competitor is the only entrant in a class and the whole class is moved, then marks, certificates and trophies can be awarded

D10  In an All England qualifying year a decision on qualification shall be at the Adjudicator’s discretion. Open & Novice Classes do not qualify for All England Dance.

D11  Unless a valid reason is given a competitor not ready to dance in the order of the programme may be disqualified .All performers should be ready to dance at least 30 minutes prior to the approximate class start time.  (Not applicable for October 2020)

D12  A re-dance will not be permitted in any class of aged 8 and over (excluding novice classes) unless there is a technical failure. In Baby, 6 and 7 years a re-dance may only be permitted at the discretion of the Adjudicator.

D13  During improvisation classes, no-one except competitors in the current class will be allowed  backstage or in the dressing rooms. (this includes teachers)

D14   Novice Classes: These are for competitors who have never been placed First at any Festival in the section they are entering. Entrants in Novices Classes are not eligible to enter the ordinary class in the same genre. Winners of Novice Classes are not eligible for Championships.

D15  May we remind Teachers they must inform the Entries Secretary if a Competitor has entered a Novice section at Torbay Festival but subsequently wins a Novice Section at another Festival, as they must be moved out of the Novice Class.

D16  Novice Group Classes are open to any School that has never been placed first in any  Group Section at any Festival.

D17  Lyrical/Contemporary Classes Lyrical dances will not be accepted in the Contemporary Section. The Contemporary Section has been introduced into the syllabus as a contrast to the Modern & Lyrical style to show the competitors versatility .

D18  Open Sections: Any competitor receiving full time training at a professional college (16yrs +) or vocational school (11-16yrs) may not enter any class other than an Open Class and then only with the written permission of the school/college, which must accompany the entry.

Teacher's are reminded that a Distinction mark (87) must be reached, for a dancer to perform in the Open section.

D19  CD's, Mini-discs and Ipods: There is an official sound system for the use of competitors – this is the only recording equipment allowed side-stage. Discs should have 1 track only and  must be in a case or sleeve, clean and clearly labelled with the name of the competitor and the number of the class. The CD's, mini disc or Ipods must be handed to the appropriate person before the start of the class and collected from the appropriate collection point at the end of the class.  The teacher is responsible for the quality of the recording which will be taken into account by the adjudicator. No responsibility will be accepted for discs not reading or playing if dirty or scratched and if not collected.  (October 2020- Please hand in CD's at the music collection point)


                                                            (on a different 'make' of CD or a different source).

D20  CD's, Mini Discs and Ipods used for Song & Dance classes may not contain any vocal.  Accompaniment for these classes must be purely instrumental.

D21  Teachers are responsible for any changes of volume required during a dance. Backstage committee members will not be responsible for the volume of the music. Teachers please take particular note in Song & Dance and Tap Classes.

D22  Teachers are requested to be present with their Groups backstage. If this is not possible would they please put an adult in charge of the group. This is to keep the children/students quiet and to maintain good manners and discipline.

D23  Tabs: Teachers requiring tabs for any item, including groups, are personally responsible for opening and closing.

Nothing may be attached to back cloths or curtains unless with the expressed permission of the theatre management.

D24 Teachers Passes  -  If no pass is presented free admission to the auditorium will not be permitted.  Passes should be collected from the Certificate table. (Not applicable for October 2020 - All teachers wishing to sit in the audience must contact the theatre direct so a seat can be reserved. If you wish to come backstage please email with your days and times. )

D25  Due to Health & Safety, Insurance and Fire Regulations the stage and stage wings are out of bounds to all except Torbay Festival personnel and one parent/teacher/carer for children under 7 years, no other parents are allowed side-stage. If a child has a specific medical reason why they need a parent to stay with them then an explanatory letter to the Committee must be enclosed with the entry form. The only exceptions are for any large props that the child cannot manage by him/herself.(Not applicable for October 2020 - NO parents are allowed backstage. NO large props are allowed)

D26  Due to Health & Safety Regulations, Stage rehearsals will be allowed for Groups only and must follow (as far as possible) the Stage Booking Timetable. Children must always be accompanied by a Teacher/Adult.

D27  Certificates and Adjudication sheets can be collected by individual performers unless the teacher has specifically requested otherwise, at the end of the next session following the dance. Any uncollected Certificates, will be destroyed at the end of the Festival, unless a SAE is provided. (Not applicable for 2020 - ALL reports and certificates will be sent/delivered to teachers after the festival. None will be available the week of the festival.)

D28   Highest mark trophies - If there is a tie for any trophy at the end of the festival, the adjudicators decision on the winner of the award will be final. (Not applicable for October 2020 - NO trophies will be awarded)

D29  Individual Winners and  Dance Studios are responsible for the return of all cups. The Dance Committee reserves the right not to award any cup or trophy to any school or performer who has failed to return trophies from the previous year by the closing date.

D30   Special Needs/Safety of Performers -The Festival welcomes entries from candidates who have special needs but notification of the nature of any condition must be made to the Entry Secretary when entries are submitted, in order that adequate provision may be made. To be most beneficial to the performer a full explanation of the nature of the condition would be appreciated, together with documentary evidence if appropriate. It is necessary for parents and teachers to be aware of their responsibilities of entering any performers with limited physical capabilities or special needs, bearing in mind the limitations imposed by the stage and surrounding environment.



Delivered in partnership with The British and International Federation of Festivals for Music, Dance and Speech work for amateur festivals everywhere to help create thousands of educational performance opportunities for children and young people each year. The Federation, and our member Festivals, are committed to ensuring safe environments for children and young people and believe that it is always unacceptable for a child or young person to experience abuse of any kind. We recognise our responsibility to safeguard the welfare of all children and young people, by a commitment to recommend best practice which protects them.

This policy applies to our Board of Trustees, paid staff, Adjudicator members, volunteers, students or anyone working on behalf of the Federation and our member Festivals.

We recognise that:

• the welfare of the child/young person is paramount

• all children, regardless of age, disability, gender, racial heritage, religious belief, sexual orientation or identity, have the right to equal protection from all types of harm or abuse

• working in partnership with children, young people, their parents, carers and other agencies is essential in promoting young people’s welfare.

The purpose of the policy:

• to provide protection for the children and young people who participate in our festivals, including the children of festival members

• to provide staff and volunteers with guidance on procedures they should adopt in the event that they suspect a child or young person may be experiencing, or be at risk of, harm

We will seek to safeguard children and young people by:

• valuing them, listening to and respecting them

• adopting child protection guidelines through procedures and safe working practice for staff and volunteers

• recruiting staff and volunteers safely, ensuring all necessary checks are made

• sharing information about child protection and safe working practice with children, parents, staff and volunteers

• sharing information about concerns with agencies who need to know, and involving parents and children appropriately

• providing effective management for staff and volunteers through supervision, support and training.

The Federation will review this policy each year in November in line with Safe Network guidance or sooner in light of any changes in legislation or guidance. All changes will be communicated to our member Festivals in time for the start of the new Festival year.


The Federation and its member Festivals use the following policies and procedures to create Safer Festivals for everyone:

1. A single, definitive Child Protection Policy adopted by all Federation Festivals.

2. One or more designated Festival Safeguarding Officers (FSO) appointed for each Federation Festival. Name: Linda Lear Phone: 01803 607672.

3. Best practice advice in the form of Safe Working Practice and Festival Child Protection leaflets, with support and training for all Festival staff and volunteers. Including clear reporting procedures for anyone with a concern about a child.

4. Appropriate recruitment and induction procedures for all new Festival staff and volunteers responsible for providing safe environments for everyone attending / performing at a Federation Festival.

5. All Festival personnel wear an official Festival identity badge. All teachers / parents / guardians/carers are asked to report all incidents of any nature to anyone wearing a Festival badge. All reported incidents will be handled in accordance with the Safe Working Practice and Festival Child Protection best practice advice. In addition we will ensure the availability of a quiet area / room where concerns can be expressed in private.

6. For the duration of a Festival all teachers/parents/guardians/carers are responsible for the continuous care and supervision of their own children/pupils. If they are unable to attend personally, they must delegate their responsibilities to an identified adult and ensure that their children/pupils are aware of the identity and name of the person responsible for their care. This includes supervision throughout all Festival venues, practice and changing areas that may be provided. The Festival cannot take responsibility for any property left unattended.

7. No unauthorised photography, audio or video recording of children and young people is allowed at our Festivals. Where parents/guardians/carers do not wish photos to be taken at all, then the responsible adult attending should ensure that their child is not included in official photos.

8. Some children and vulnerable adults may have specific needs in order to take part. If this is the case we ask the responsible teachers/parents/guardians and carers to contact the Festival Organisers prior to arrival. The Festival actively seeks wherever possible to meet these needs, but must know beforehand in order to prepare support – or to advise that help cannot be provided on this occasion.

9. The Festival’s Child Protection Policy and approach to Creating Safer Festivals for Everyone is published explicitly in our Syllabus and Programme. By completing and signing the entry form all parents / guardians / carers and teachers of performers under 18 (or vulnerable adults of any age) confirm that they give (or have obtained) the necessary consents for the performers to take part in the Festival. Without consent the entry to the Festival cannot be accepted.