Classes will take place at the Palace Theatre as follows:

Choral evening – Friday 25th March in the auditorium (evening session)
Rock and Pop Classes – Sunday 27th March


Copies of the music must be marked with performers name and class number and MUST be given to the adjudicator at the time of performance. 


Music Chair:
Chris Blurton
53 Shirburn Road, Torquay TQ1 4HR
Tel: 07595499188

Cup Steward:
Susan Tovey

Tel: 07443641253 


Chris Blurton, Liz Chandler, Margaret Fieldhouse, Betty Gillard, Dianne Martin, Kate Richards, Catherine Serjeant, Ekaterina Shetliffe. 

It is necessary for teachers and parents to be aware of their responsibilities in entering any performer with limited physical capabilities or special needs, bearing in mind the limitations imposed by the stage and surrounding environment. It is also necessary for the teacher, parent or guardian to pass on to the Adjudicator, via the Entries Secretary at the time of entry, any such information that would impact on the Adjudicator’s work.


The Adjudicators’ Council of the British & International Federation of Festivals has endorsed the following statement with regard to the use of action and gesture in verse speaking: Illustrative actions and movement rarely ever enhance a performance. However, gesture that adds understanding, appreciation and an emotional response to the interpretation of the text is not only acceptable but welcome. It is being selective and discerning in the use of gesture that is so often the issue in enhancing the successful performance.


The Festival experience differs from the examination situation in that it offers candidates the opportunity to perform on a public stage in front of a paying audience. The Adjudicator will therefore look for a complete performance, which includes attention to dress, entrances and exits, announcing, and acknowledging both applause and, where appropriate, the Accompanist.

Please read our general festival rules on our GENERAL RULES page. 


M1 Entries in own choice classes will not be accepted without full details of title and composer being shown on the entry form and a photocopy of the music for the adjudicator included with the entry form. When an own choice work is selected from a publication containing several different works and which is not published separately, one copy may be made for the use of the adjudicator provided that the competitor has already purchased his/her own copy. The copy thus made will be retained by the Festival and destroyed immediately after the event to comply with copyright laws. Single items may not be photocopied without the prior permission of the copyright holder. Please name any single copies sent in for the adjudicator so that they can be returned. If accompanist is required, two copies need to be sent with the entry form, one for the accompanist and one for the adjudicator.

M2 No competitor may enter more than once in a solo class or enter the same piece in another class. In duet and trio classes, competitors may enter more than once provided they partner a different person with a different piece.

M3 Performers may enter any classes for a higher age group in solo classes provided they have entered their own age group class. The entry fee for these classes applies to the ‘class’ and not the age of the performer. Vocal performers under 18 may not enter adult vocal classes.

M4 No changes or omissions will be accepted. Entrants must perform all the titles listed on the entry form, if they do not, they will receive an Adjudication only and no marks.

M5 Pieces in all OPEN instrumental classes must be at Grade 6 ABRSM or Trinity/Guildhall standard or above. Open Vocal Classes are for Adults only (18 years or over) and are expected to be of a high standard.

M6 In Piano Set Piece Classes any good edition is acceptable but a copy must be provided for the adjudicator if a different edition is used than the one(s) specified.

M7 No amplification is allowed for solo instrumentalists or vocalists

M8 A winning item must not be repeated by any performer/s (including Groups) within a 3 years period.

M9 Items must not exceed the time limit, which includes the introduction. All performances will be timed and marks will be deducted if over time. Repeat marks are optional provided time limits are not exceeded but all ‘da capo’ and ‘dal segno’ signs should be observed.

M10 Trophies are awarded (for marks of 84 or over) and medals (to all winners) are presented by the Adjudicator at the end of each class. All winners of ‘Special Trophies’ will be expected to perform in the Gala Concert when the awards will be presented.

M11 Certificates and Adjudication Sheets will be presented at the end of each class.

M12 Advance programmes can be ordered on the entry form (for which there will be a first class postage charge).

M13 Free entrance is granted to performers only during the sessions in which they are performing. Teachers, parents and other interested parties are NOT entitled to be admitted without a valid ticket. Free passes will be given to accompanists for the sessions in which they are playing, for teachers who enter pupils in 10 classes or more and school group escorts at the ratio of 1 per 10 children (under 16 years) they must remain with the pupils in the Hall.


When you come to perform at our Festival you may find these tips useful:

  • Dress appropriately for a performance & come to the platform with ENERGY and ENTHUSIASM.
  • RELAX and look as though you are going to ENJOY performing.
  • LOOK at the audience – they are your supporters.
  • Stand tall or sit well, be PROUD of your performance.
  • Make sure the stand does not come between you and the audience. Don’t be afraid to move it.
  • Announce your programme CLEARLY so everyone can hear what you are going to perform
  • Perform with your HEAD and your HEART.
  • At the end acknowledge the audience, SMILE at them and BOW.
  • Always acknowledge the ACCOMPANIST.
  • Leave the stage with a SMILE and a spring in your step.
  • Above all ENJOY the experience for if you do the audience will too!